The kind of person I am

Here’s some random facts about me so you know who the person typing this blog is:

I never use profanity even when I’m speaking with adults

I don’t drink alcohol of any kind and I’m against alcoholism

I’m completely against smoking and drugs

I’m pro-life all the way. I could rant forever about why abortion should be illegal in United States

(I love answering debates) my answer to the whole gay marriage debate is it should be illegal

I never ever would even think of breastfeeding my children when they were newborns and I’d never do it if I had a newborn today. In my opinion the whole thing sounds plain yucky

I admit I do shelter my kids. The only singers my daughters listen to are Britt Nicole and Taylor Swift. They unfortunately know who Justin Bieber is (its practically impossible to keep your kid l from knowing who he is) luckily my daughters hate him. Yesterday they created their own song “Justin Bieber should be named Stinky Bieber. He stinks worse then a toxic fume. Justin Bieber is bad bad bad bad. Yeah!!!!” I did laugh at that. I hate Justin Bieber too. He’s such a bad role model for children. And another guy I happen to think is inappropriate: the Gangnam Style guy. I so happen to run into kids these days who sing the cuss word part and say its not cuss words when someone confronts them for using profanity.


Unreasonable sudden chaos

Today I was walking with Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace for our daily walk when this teenage girl about fifteen, sixteen, or maybe seventeen walked by with this girl who looked Emma’s age and a little boy who looked around Hilary Grace’s age. The two girls looked like girls I’d absolutely want my daughters to stay away from. The girls, dressed alike in style, had purple hair dye, tattoos, matching shirts that said “Fashion is my drug”, ripped jeans, and sneakers. What kind of parent lets their daughters dress like that? Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace were holding hands and walking with me when the girl who looked around Emma’s age sighed “I want a baby sister!!!! No fair”. Then the teenager sighs “I am just so jealous of children like that. Little kids get everything. They have happier lives. Us teens go through so much today” and adds an eye roll for effect. The tween girl jumps and says “They get to take care of her and probably snuggle with her..” she dazes off. Then she grabs the teen girl by the arm as the little brother watches in confusion. Poor guy. If I were him I’d be ashamed of the girls’ behavior. Before I knew it they crowded my daughters and pulled Rosie Grace by the arm and tried pulling her away as Emma and Hilary Grace hugged their sister tight and refused to let go. I screamed at the random girls to get their hands off my daughters and wondered if they had a parent with them. Undisciplined children like this can’t be unattended in public. Even if the teenager was old enough. Hilary Grace and Rosie Grace were crying by then and Emma was screaming at the teenager “Leave my little sisters alone!!!!”. I lost my temper and physically removed the random girls’ arms from Rosie Grace. I yelled at them to stay away from my daughters and shooed them.  Now Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace were crying. Rosie Grace flung her arms around her sisters and hugged them crying “Emma” and “Hilary Grace” between sobs. My girls hugged eachother tight still crying from the scene. The random girls watched on in despair. “Look!!!! THEY ARE HUGGING!!!! I WANT A BABY SISTER. I AM JEALOUS NOW. SO ENVIOUS” the tween girl cried. I quickly led my girls away before we could hear anymore. When we were only a few feet away I hugged my girls and tried to keep from crying myself. My brave girls. Protecting eachother. Like sisters. No matter what happens these girls will stay strong. ImageThis is a professional photo taken by my photographer friend of my Emma

ImageMy Hilary Grace

ImageMy Rosie Grace

This is Childhood-After School

This is the first in our series of This is Childhood. I’ll write about how a particular part of the day usually goes in our happy home:

Emma and Hilary Grace come running off the bus toward me with their “off the bus” look. Bouncing braids, an off center headband, a huge smile, and their backpacks sitting low and heavy off one shoulder. They run towards me and lunge for a hug and kiss. Then their little sister runs towards them for hugs and kisses. The girls end up rolling on the lawn in a tickle fight. We come into the house for an afternoon snack. eight1 ten1 three1

After a lovely snack the girls come upstairs to play American Girl Dolls or school. I hear sounds of giggles and laughter and possible bed jumping


Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace share one bedroom. It wasn’t my choice, surprisingly. Emma and Hilary Grace always shared a bedroom and when Rosie Grace came along I was planning on turning the guest room into a nursery. Instead Emma and Hilary Grace begged me to let Rosie Grace sleep in their bedroom. We put the crib in their bedroom. When Rosie Grace grew into a toddler bed, we put railings around the bottom bunk in the bunk bed so she wouldn’t fall off and bought a twin-sized bed for Hilary Grace. Emma and Hilary Grace always shared a bunk bed so Hilary Grace offered to sleep in the single bed and Emma slept on the top bunk. Rosie Grace took Hilary Grace’s place on the bottom bunk. The girls love rooming. They all personalized their bedroom so it looked unique and its their favorite place in the house


sisters1ImageSometimes I can’t get over how beautiful my daughters are. Is that crazy to say? If it is I honestly don’t care. All I could say is they’re amazing. They never fight ever. They care for eachother and protect eachother. They play together perfectly. They make meals for eachother. They’re kind, sweet, nice, responsible, loving, giggly, sensitive, quiet, shy, fun, and HYPER too. Though they’re extremely sensitive, quiet, and shy (actually Rosie Grace is actually really silly and not that shy but still a little with her still being three years old) but don’t let that fool you. They have a huge hyper, fun, and plain silly side!!!! ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Could I tell you how adorable this is. The three girls share a room and Rosie Grace often wakes in the middle of the night and says “Emma, Hilary Grace-could you hear me?” then the other girls wake and decide to snuggle. I always check on them in the middle of the night and I find the three of them asleep snuggling eachother. I have plenty of pictures of them sleeping together

American Girl-Sweetest thing

It started in 1986 when I was seven years old. I received the Pleasant Company catalog and felt a heartfelt connection with the American Girls Collection. In my childhood I had Samantha, Kirsten, and Felicity. Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace now own them. We own 24 American Girl Dolls. It’s a lot of $$$$ but I don’t mind. These dolls bring them positive messages that they’ll carry with them to college and beyond. During downtime or simply during the day Emma cuddles with her dolls reading the historical books with her dolls on her lap. The girls care for their dolls as if they’re real live humans. They even have matching pajamas and clothes matching their dolls. It’s the sweetest thing. It’s beautiful. Emma recently got an A+ on her beautifully detailed report of the colonial era she calls “Felicity era”. She owns Felicity (who used to be mine) and Elizabeth and tells me they’re her favorite of all. I’ll name them all: Addy, Samantha, Felicity, Elizabeth, Just Like You #24 (wavy dark blonde hair, light skin with freckles, brown eyes), Bitty Twins pair (brown haired girl and boy), Bitty Baby (blonde hair, grey blue eyes, light skin), Josefina, Kaya, Ruthie, Emily, Kailey, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, Gwen, Kanani, McKenna, Saige, Julie, Ivy,  Caroline, and Kirsten. Four years back I built Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace an life sized dollhouse for their American Girl Dolls which they decorated with American Girl furniture. We renovated our playroom into an American Girl Doll Room-literally. It’s painted red with white stars, houses our life sized dollhouse, and is filled with American Girl Dolls, clothing, accessories, and more. We’ve been to the American Girl Stores in New York, Los Angeles, Mall of America, Miami, Mclean, and Chicago. American Girl will be a forever part of our home!!!!

Creating an anti-fashion doll home

Luckily Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace have no interest in Barbies or the Barbie cousins: Bratz, Monster High Dolls, Growing Up Glam Dolls, and Growing Up Skipper Dolls. Emma sees all these dolls, especially Barbies, as “disgusting”, “worthless”, and “zero percent education”. I couldn’t agree more. The only dolls in our home are American Girl Dolls, which they LOVE. American Girl Dolls teach lessons about history, family, friends, school, pets, and most importantly: LIFE. Not to be confused with the board game. They’re 18″, are made of fabric and vinyl, and have a story behind them and come with chapter books for girls to read. Barbies are the opposite. They teach girls fashion, boyfriends, makeup, and believe it or not, not are they only bad for girls education, they put girls health at risk. Barbies have caused anorexia and bullimia in girls due to their skinny body image. Think before you get your girl a fashion doll. Luckily I don’t have to worry about fashion dolls with my girls.