This is a blog about me and my sweet daughters: Emma, 10, Hilary Grace, 8, and Rosie Grace, 3. They’re so sweet and giggly and the sweetest daughters I could ask for. I’m a blogger, author, psychologist, and a single mom. One loving part of our home is pet ownership. We’re the owners of 1 dog and 2 cats. We truly own an animal loving home. We live in Raleigh, North Carolina, a friendly small town, in a master planned community with friendly neighbors and an amazing community feel. Read on to learn about my life as a mom to 3 amazing girls!!!!

Birthdays in our house:

Me: December 14th 1979

Emma: February 4th 2003

Hilary Grace: February 14th 2005

Rosie Grace: December 4th 2009

I find it funny that Emma and Hilary Grace’s birthdays are February 4th and 14th and me and Rosie Grace’s birthdays are December 4th and 14th


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