Unreasonable sudden chaos

Today I was walking with Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace for our daily walk when this teenage girl about fifteen, sixteen, or maybe seventeen walked by with this girl who looked Emma’s age and a little boy who looked around Hilary Grace’s age. The two girls looked like girls I’d absolutely want my daughters to stay away from. The girls, dressed alike in style, had purple hair dye, tattoos, matching shirts that said “Fashion is my drug”, ripped jeans, and sneakers. What kind of parent lets their daughters dress like that? Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace were holding hands and walking with me when the girl who looked around Emma’s age sighed “I want a baby sister!!!! No fair”. Then the teenager sighs “I am just so jealous of children like that. Little kids get everything. They have happier lives. Us teens go through so much today” and adds an eye roll for effect. The tween girl jumps and says “They get to take care of her and probably snuggle with her..” she dazes off. Then she grabs the teen girl by the arm as the little brother watches in confusion. Poor guy. If I were him I’d be ashamed of the girls’ behavior. Before I knew it they crowded my daughters and pulled Rosie Grace by the arm and tried pulling her away as Emma and Hilary Grace hugged their sister tight and refused to let go. I screamed at the random girls to get their hands off my daughters and wondered if they had a parent with them. Undisciplined children like this can’t be unattended in public. Even if the teenager was old enough. Hilary Grace and Rosie Grace were crying by then and Emma was screaming at the teenager “Leave my little sisters alone!!!!”. I lost my temper and physically removed the random girls’ arms from Rosie Grace. I yelled at them to stay away from my daughters and shooed them.  Now Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace were crying. Rosie Grace flung her arms around her sisters and hugged them crying “Emma” and “Hilary Grace” between sobs. My girls hugged eachother tight still crying from the scene. The random girls watched on in despair. “Look!!!! THEY ARE HUGGING!!!! I WANT A BABY SISTER. I AM JEALOUS NOW. SO ENVIOUS” the tween girl cried. I quickly led my girls away before we could hear anymore. When we were only a few feet away I hugged my girls and tried to keep from crying myself. My brave girls. Protecting eachother. Like sisters. No matter what happens these girls will stay strong. ImageThis is a professional photo taken by my photographer friend of my Emma

ImageMy Hilary Grace

ImageMy Rosie Grace


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