Creating an anti-fashion doll home

Luckily Emma, Hilary Grace, and Rosie Grace have no interest in Barbies or the Barbie cousins: Bratz, Monster High Dolls, Growing Up Glam Dolls, and Growing Up Skipper Dolls. Emma sees all these dolls, especially Barbies, as “disgusting”, “worthless”, and “zero percent education”. I couldn’t agree more. The only dolls in our home are American Girl Dolls, which they LOVE. American Girl Dolls teach lessons about history, family, friends, school, pets, and most importantly: LIFE. Not to be confused with the board game. They’re 18″, are made of fabric and vinyl, and have a story behind them and come with chapter books for girls to read. Barbies are the opposite. They teach girls fashion, boyfriends, makeup, and believe it or not, not are they only bad for girls education, they put girls health at risk. Barbies have caused anorexia and bullimia in girls due to their skinny body image. Think before you get your girl a fashion doll. Luckily I don’t have to worry about fashion dolls with my girls.


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