The kind of person I am

Here’s some random facts about me so you know who the person typing this blog is:

I never use profanity even when I’m speaking with adults

I don’t drink alcohol of any kind and I’m against alcoholism

I’m completely against smoking and drugs

I’m pro-life all the way. I could rant forever about why abortion should be illegal in United States

(I love answering debates) my answer to the whole gay marriage debate is it should be illegal

I never ever would even think of breastfeeding my children when they were newborns and I’d never do it if I had a newborn today. In my opinion the whole thing sounds plain yucky

I admit I do shelter my kids. The only singers my daughters listen to are Britt Nicole and Taylor Swift. They unfortunately know who Justin Bieber is (its practically impossible to keep your kid l from knowing who he is) luckily my daughters hate him. Yesterday they created their own song “Justin Bieber should be named Stinky Bieber. He stinks worse then a toxic fume. Justin Bieber is bad bad bad bad. Yeah!!!!” I did laugh at that. I hate Justin Bieber too. He’s such a bad role model for children. And another guy I happen to think is inappropriate: the Gangnam Style guy. I so happen to run into kids these days who sing the cuss word part and say its not cuss words when someone confronts them for using profanity.


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